In Memoriam

This page is dedicated to the fourteen members of the Westchester County Police and its predecessor agencies who lost their lives while serving the public. All are sorely missed.


Wall of Honor

P.O. Raymond Tehan
W.C.P.P. (1925)
P.O. Michael Erdley
W.C.P.P. (1933)
P.O. John Chabala
P.O. James Groark
W.C.P.P. (1966)
D.S. Kieran Grant
W.C.D.P.S. (1979)

P.O. George Segint
W.C.P.P. (1929)
P.O. Manuel Borgos
W.C.P.P. (1938)
P.O. George Ruthven
W.C.P.P. (1954)
D.S. William Fitzgerald
W.C.S.D. (1968)
P.O. Gary Stymiloski
W.C.D.P.S. (1985)

P.O. Clifton Cypher
W.C.P.P. (1930)
P.O. Reuben Conklin
W.C.P.P. (1943)
P.O. Francis Bradley
W.C.P.P. (1960)
P.O. John Gonda
W.C.P.P. (1969)
Sgt. Charlie Rice
W.C.D.P.S (2002)

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